Counselling is a process which takes place within a two-way, collaborative relationship between client and counsellor. It can help you make sense of thoughts, feelings & circumstances which may be troubling you at present. Current difficulties are often rooted in the past, so counselling may involve exploring past and present relationships which may be painful and challenging, but will increase your insight and understanding and help you live your life in a more fulfilling and hopeful way.

As an Integrative Counsellor, I believe that there is no single therapeutic method which is effective for the range of life-crises and other issues that clients bring to counselling. The way I work draws on my training in several different approaches, e.g. person-centred, existential, Gestalt, and cognitive-behavioural. Having a body of therapeutic approaches to draw on allows me to work in a way that is most appropriate to clients’ needs at any given time in the process. I view my role as a facilitator, enabling you, the client, to explore and discover a creative way forward. I aim to establish an equal partnership, where we work together in an open, trusting, and honest relationship, rather than attempting to deliver a solution to you.

I offer short and long-term counsellor for individuals and couples. If you think Counselling may be useful to you, please contact me for an appointment.